The Reformation Project is an endeavor set out to bring purpose back to art. Rather than self-expression being the sole objective of an artist's work, we've decided to create something that will communicate a lasting message and turn our audience's attention towards Christ.

We hope you join us on our journey as we bring the protestant reformer William Tyndale to life. We will be focusing on four key events that were pivotal in bringing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the English people - in their own language. These events include: The famous plow boy controversy where Tyndale, while arguing with a priest, firmly retorted that he defied the pope and stated that if God granted him life he would see to it that the common plow boy would know more of the scriptures than that priest.

We will also be recreating the suspenseful print shop raid in Cologne Germany, where Tyndale just barely escaped from the authorities as he fled to Worms. Our third image will be a quiet period of Tyndale's life - translating Erasmus' New Testament Greek text into the English vernacular. And lastly, the culmination of his interactions with Jacob Latomus as the two debated Tyndale's life work.

William Tyndale lived a truly incredible life, one that any man should admire and strive to live up to. We hope this video has inspired you to learn more about this man who was greatly used by God, and that you will consider supporting us by pre-ordering your collection today.